What we do

We carry out research in order to change the way people think about nutrition and to inspire policy-makers and professionals to take more effective action


Transform Nutrition will strengthen the content and use of nutrition-relevant evidence, to accelerate the reduction of undernutrition over the next decade. We are focusing our efforts in the two regions with the highest burden– south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Our research is based on three pillars:

In addition, three cross-cutting themes permeate all our work: governance, inclusion and fragility. We see these three themes as crucial in maximising the impact of action to improve nutrition.

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To ensure the research leads to action we have three other core functions:

  • Capacity strengthening;
  • Research uptake;
  • Learning and impact.

Capacity strengthening

Transform Nutrition aims to leave a legacy. We will achieve this by strengthening the capacity of key stakeholders to demand, generate, share and make effective use of good-quality research and evidence.

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Research uptake

We know it is not enough to do research. We need to make sure our research is taken up and that it influences policy. From the outset of the project we are therefore engaging research users and decision-makers in a two-way conversation. This will help us understand their needs and what we can do to make the research accessible..

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Learning and impact

We monitor and measure the impact of our work to make sure we are on target to meet our goals.

We will measure success by the extent to which we have helped:

  • move nutrition higher up the development agenda
  • transform thinking and action to accelerate the reduction of undernutrition
  • accelerate the reduction of undernutrition in the focal countries and beyond.

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