2. Maximising the benefits of private sector involvement

We are providing evidence on the appropriate conditions under which the benefits of private sector involvement in reducing undernutrition can be maximised.

To do this we are:

a) Producing an evidence paper on the role of private sector and PPP partnerships in operationalizing and scaling up direct interventions

We are exploring what has been working well in different countries, both for profit and non-profit private organisations. In doing this we will also address issues of governance and inclusion.

b) Conducting a survey to find out what factors determine who participates and benefits from a market-based micronutrient powder intervention in Bangladesh, who does not and why?  The survey will use data from a GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) supported study.

We will also continue to discuss and develop research options and explore opportunities on assessing private sector involvement. In particular we are interested in themes relating to differences in objectives, perceptions and cost structures, verifiability of actions, contractual incompleteness and time inconsistency, and political economy considerations.