1. Alleviate constraints to scaling up nutrition-specific interventions

As part of our research on nutrition-specific interventions we are identifying ways to alleviate constraints to scaling up nutrition-specific interventions (enablers and barriers to scaling up)

a) Scaling up of nutrition interventions including in crisis contexts and addressing governance issues

b) Design, operational & governance factors constraining scaling up of behaviour change communications interventions to improve child feeding 

c) A tool to collate and summarize information on nutrition-specific programmes

d) Maternal and household factors associated with use of nutrition services and interventions in Bangladesh

e) Supply-side and demand- side constraints on use of health and nutrition services in Bhojpur district in Bihar in India 

f) In fragile states, how direct nutrition interventions can be effectively scaled up to meet increased and emergency needs through periods of crises (e.g., bad seasons) 

g) Mainstreaming nutrition initiative in Bangladesh – whether and how it works?