Postgraduate education in nutrition in south Asia

A Transform Nutrition journal article is now out  in the BMC Medical Education Postgraduate education in nutrition in south Asia: a huge mismatch between investments and needs. Led by researchers at the Public Health Foundation of India, this paper presents a regional situation analysis of master’s level academic initiatives in nutrition with a special focus on the type of programme we think is most likely to be helpful in addressing undernutrition at the population level: Public Health Nutrition (PHN). See also the Guardian blog.

Learning about Champions

Transform Nutrition are undertaking research to (a) identify individuals who have been or could be influential in contributing to policy changes that can effectively reduce undernutrition, and (b) explore the attributes and characteristics of these individuals. This informal paper Learning about Champions – Individuals Catalysing Social Change by Elise Wach and Sara Wolcott presents some of our thinking and preliminary findings to date.

Nutrition champions 2013 shortlist

The following 14 candidates have been shortlisted by our high level panel from 53 eligible nominations received. These champions reflect the broad experience and expertise that, together, will help to transform nutrition—working across countries and across sectors.

Alvaro Castillo Monge – Guatemala

Anh Vu Nguyen – Vietnam

Ann Wawira Njiru – Kenya

Banda Ndiaye – Sahelian countries

Dr. Eunice Bonsi – Ghana

Dr. Harouna Souley – Niger

Dr. Maria Andrade – Mozambique

Dr. Mohammad Ayub – Pakistan

Esther Kimani – Kenya

Luis Enrique Monterroso – Guatemala

Masa Kogure – Japan

Nimish Kumari – India

Raj Kumar Pokharel – Nepal

Terry Wefwafwa – Kenya