Our management team

The management team leads the day-to-day work of Transform Nutrition. It consists of a Chief Executive Officer, two joint Research Directors, a Communications Manager and a Project Manager

Our Chief Executive

Our Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Gillespie, is a Senior Research Fellow with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). He has 27 years of working experience in international development nutrition.

Our joint Research Directors

The Research Director position for Transform Nutrition is split 50/50 between Shams El Arifeen of the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B, Dhaka) and John Hoddinott of Cornell University.

Shams and John jointly provide leadership for Transform Nutrition’s research work. They ensure clarity, coherence and quality with regard to the research and the three cross-cutting themes.

Our research leads

In addition to their management responsibilities, John and Shams also lead two of our three research pillar or themes. Shams is research lead on nutrition-specific interventions. John is research lead on nutrition-sensitive interventions. The research lead on our enabling environments  is Nick Nisbett. Nick is a research fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, where he is involved in a range of nutrition research programmes.

Our Communications Manager

The Communications Manager, Samantha Reddin, provides strategic leadership to communications and research uptake. This position is based in the Institute for Development Studies in UK.

Our Project Manager

Catherine Gee is the Project Manager for Transform Nutrition. Catherine sets up and maintains systems to facilitate partnership working and is based in IFPRI’s Washington office.