HANCI Africa

On the 26th and 27th of January, 2017, a group of leading experts on food and nutrition security, including Transform Nutrition Leaders gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa, to discuss a new research product, the African Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI Africa). The workshop aimed to present and debate the HANCI-Africa as a tool for advocacy, monitoring commitment and accountability and to discuss how regional and continental level bodies can adopt, adapt, own and sustainably use the HANCI-Africa for monitoring the Malabo Declarations and other commitments towards addressing hunger and malnutrition. HANCI Africa aims to measure political commitment of 45 African countries’ governments to tacking issues of hunger and undernutrition. The index looks at hunger, and nutrition separately, since actions which are taken to address hunger may not successfully address undernutrition and vice-versa. The index compares countries looking at three areas of commitment: laws, policies, and spending. More information about the index, including a complete list of the rankings and score cards for each country can be found here: http://hancindex.org/


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