Update on call for proposals in eastern Africa

Colin Crowley/Save the Children

Colin Crowley/Save the Children

Transform Nutrition joined forces in October 2014 with the Agriculture for Nutrition and Health program of the CGIAR to release a call for “ideas notes” on a range of themes for four countries in eastern Africa: Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. These outline proposals were for studies of up to 24 months duration which will add to the evidence base on nutrition-relevant policy and action in Eastern Africa.

The themes mapped on to TN’s pillars:

Theme 1:          How can nutrition-specific interventions be appropriately prioritized, implemented, scaled up and sustained in different settings?

Theme 2:          How can agriculture and the wider agri-food systems become more nutrition-sensitive and have a greater impact on nutrition outcomes?

Theme 3:          How can enabling (policy and institutional) environments for nutrition be cultivated and sustained?


38 ideas notes were received in response to this call. Shortlisted bids will be selected in coming weeks to develop full proposals for an in-depth review.  It is hoped that 3-6 new studies will be funded from this “responsive window”. We will update you when these new studies have been agreed.