2013 Nutrition Champion Award winners

Ellen Piwoz from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation presented the awards and said: “The 2013 Nutrition Champions we recognize today are representative of the individuals, organizations and governments around the world whose commitment to nutrition has led to real progress strengthening health and development.” These 2013 Transform Nutrition Champion Award honorees, hailing from Guatemala, Kenya and Senegal, represent the breadth of action and investment that has helped to raise nutrition on the global agenda and drive progress in nations around the globe.

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2013 Award winners

Luis Enrique Monterroso – Guatemala

Monterroso_luisAt the helm of Guatemala’s Food Security and Nutrition Secretariat/SESAN, Luis Enrique Monterroso brings together government, private sector and civil society actors to continue the nation’s great progress in alleviating malnutrition.

Banda Ndiaye – Sahelian countries

ndiaye_bandaBanda helps governments formulate evidence-based policies and strengthens their leadership and capacity to implement them. Among many other accomplishments, he has helped to channel resources to governments for micronutrient programs and has raised the production and delivery standards of micronutrients across Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali.

Terry Wefwafwa – Kenya

wefwafwa_terrySince Terry Wefwafwa became Head of the Division of Nutrition for the Department of Public Health and Nutrition, the Kenyan government has adopted the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and made fortification of wheat flour, vegetable oil and maize meal mandatory.