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Indian TV condemns levels of malnutrition

2012 September
Purnima Menon on TV

A report, on Law of the Land TV programme, condemns lack of progress on addressing undernutrition in India. Transform Nutrition researcher, Purnima Menon, comments on the lack of progress in some states and the lack of current data available. Purnima Menon, highlights erratic levels of undernutrition between states, with some making promising progress, but others not improving fast enough. The government's lack of interest in monitoring levels of undernutrition indicates the level of priority they give to this issue. Biraj Patnaik, SC Commission on Right to Food, says the country deludes itself that economic growth will address malnutrition. Patnaik gives a scathing account of political leadership and lack of political accountability. Solutions proposed by Menon and Patnaik  include:

  • Increase the budget allocated to addressing undernutrition;
  • Keep girls in school longer;
  • Change the focus of the Integrated Child Service to serve children under twos;
  • Make undernutrition a political priority, to ensure the multi-sectoral coordination needed.


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