Crucial research addressing the “how” questions

Stuart Gillespie reflects on the crucial role of operational and policy research in addressing chronic undernutrition. As CEO of Transform Nutrition, Stuart plays a leadership role coordinating the work of the consortium.

Finally, nutrition is beginning to receive the attention it has long needed, though there is still a long road ahead. We need more action, and we need more actionable research.  Many questions have been asked on the why and what of nutrition problems in the last two decades, but only recently are crucial “how” questions being asked.  This goes well beyond issues of how nutrition-relevant programs are designed and implemented. The international nutrition community really needs to get to grips with questions of how agendas are set, by whom and why… how does nutrition gain traction in politics and policy? Transform Nutrition aims to focus squarely on these questions in parallel with a more operational focus on the nuts and bolts of ensuring impact of programmes and interventions.

Stuart Gillespie is the CEO of Transform Nutrition and is a Senior Research Fellow with the International Food Policy Research Institute.