Transforming Nutrition course

IDS is running a week-long course on “Transforming Nutrition ideas, policy and outcomes” in July 2012. 

The premise of this IDS short course is that an acceleration of undernutrition reduction requires a transformation in the way we think about it. The five day course takes the participant through new ways of thinking about undernutrition and what to do about it. The course is co-led by well-known thinkers in the world of development nutrition: Lawrence Haddad, Director of IDS, and Stuart Gillespie, CEO of Transform Nutrition for IFPRI. Other course facilitators/tutors will include Purnima Menon, fellow at IFPRI-Delhi, Shams Arifeen, ICDDR,B and other leaders in policy and practice from India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Brazil, the United Nations, Transform Nutrition, International Food Policy Research Institute and Institute of Development Studies.

The course runs from 23 July to 27 July in IDS, Brighton.

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