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Using evidence to inspire action

Undernutrition is the underlying cause of death for 2.6 million children a year; a third of all child deaths. Transform Nutrition is a consortium of international research partners. Using research-based evidence we aim to inspire effective action to address undernutrition. Find out what we do.

TEDxDhaka talk by ICDDR,B’s Anisul Karim

Scaling up impact on nutrition

Health Worker, Durgesh (right), interacts with 6 month-old SonakA new publication will soon be published 'Scaling up impact on nutrition: What will it take and how will we get there?' Written by Stuart Gillespie, Purnima Menon and Andrew L. Kennedy.  Read the abstract here.. read more...

An analysis of trends and determinants of child undernutrition in Ethiopia

Fatuma, 20, in her family hut with her son Mohammed, 7 months

A working paper has been published by the Ethiopia Strategy Support Programme (ESSP) and funded by Transform Nutrition An analysis of trends and determinants of child undernutrition in Ethiopia, 2000‐2011. This report uses two rounds of the Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey (EDHS) to statistically analyze patterns and trends in undernutrition (child growth) in Ethiopia over 2000 to 2011.


Reducing Child Undernutrition: Past Drivers and Priorities for the Post-MDG Era

Darren Fletcher/Save the Children

Darren Fletcher/Save the Children

A new paper from Transform Nutrition is soon to be published  in 'World Development'. Reducing Child Undernutrition: Past Drivers and Priorities for the Post-MDG Era. Revisiting Smith and Haddad (2000), data from 1970 to 2012 for 116 countries is used, finding that safe water access, sanitation, women’s education, gender equality, and the quantity and quality of food available in countries have been key drivers of past reductions in stunting.