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Using evidence to inspire action

Undernutrition is the underlying cause of death for 2.6 million children a year; a third of all child deaths. Transform Nutrition is a consortium of international research partners. Using research-based evidence we aim to inspire effective action to address undernutrition. Find out what we do.

Reducing Child Undernutrition: Past Drivers and Priorities for the Post-MDG Era

Habiba holds her son, Masud, 20 months old, just outside the outA new Transform Nutrition research brief is out now which summarises a 2015 paper Reducing Child Undernutrition: Past Drivers and Priorities for the Post-MDG Era, published in World Development. This paper by Lisa Smith and Lawrence Haddad uses data from 1970-2012 for 116 countries to investigate the factors that have contributed to past reductions in child undernutrition and identify priorities for the future.

The Other Asian Enigma

Antora, 20, and her baby Rupa, three months, live in the ModhubaSouth Asia has long been synonymous with persistent and unusually high rates of child undernutrition—the so-called Asian enigma. Yet contrary to this stereotype, Bangladesh has managed to sustain a rapid reduction in the rate of child undernutrition for at least two decades. The drivers of this change including rapid wealth accumulation and large gains in parental education are explored by Derek Headey et al in a new Transform Nutrition/ LANSA paper published in World Development The other Asian Enigma : Explaining the Rapid Reduction of Undernutrition in Bangladesh. Read the LANSA policy brief here.

Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policy and Outcomes 2015

AnnP copyMonday 13 July - Friday 17 July 2015 - Institute of Development Studies, Brighton

Now in its fourth year this popular and professional short course has been developed further in response to the positive feedback from previous participants. We will examine key findings from the Lancet nutrition series and participants will also be given a unique opportunity to build on materials prepared by the Global Nutrition Report. The Programme will be co-led by Lawrence Haddad (IFPRI) and Purnima Menon (IFPRI) and Nick Nisbett (IDS). Applications are invited now. See interviews with last years participants here.

TEDxDhaka talk by ICDDR,B’s Anisul Karim